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It isn’t by magic that words do their work.
There is no genie or incantation.
But there is undeniable power in what we say.
For, in the beginning, God spoke, and it was.
And to his created image he gave the power
To name what was created,
To contribute to creation by
Deciding what to call it, what it would be.
So, to speak is to participate in the divine.

For what we call a thing, it almost inevitably becomes.
We call one another “friend,” and we are friends.
We call one another “enemy,” and we are foes.
Our mouths have God-like power,
But the speech of fallen people is either
Power to harm or to heal;
Power to tear apart or to restore;
To start war or to make peace.
At once our words carry venom or salve,
Saltwater or fresh, blessing or cursing.

I heard an angry man on the internet.
He read a poem about a snake.
And all those who were listening in the crowd
Shouted with him in derision. Because they knew
He was really talking about people they feared.
And so, he was creating a reality.
By shouting “snake,” he ensured
He would always have an enemy.
By speaking fear, he created more fear.
A world of hate and darkness.

Oh how great is that darkness.
A world of deception, lies, and manipulation.
A world of gossip and slander.
A world where people are murdered with words.
The most careless speaking has the power to mar
What God called “very good.”
As brother James said, “This should not be.”
What hope has there ever been for this darkness?

In the beginning was the Word,
And the Word was with God and was God.
The Word was with God in the beginning,
And all creation is through him.
From the Word comes life for the world,
A light which shines into the darkness.
And when the darkness turned away from him,
The Word became flesh and came to live in it.


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Distinctly Christian

the all-time,
greatest feat in
wishful thinking
is the notion
following Jesus
is achieved by
putting a cross
on instead of
being put
upon one.

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Summer air in the South

As the weather warms
Steadily towards the hot
When the air will be heavy
With moisture and mosquitos,

In the “in-between” spring
Makes way for summer
As the trees and the bushes
Finish their blooming

With bursts of white, pink, and blue.
Hydrangeas and crapemyrtles
Dogwoods and Japanese maple
Pepper their world with color.

As the birds fill the fresh air
With their melodies,
The flora fills it with fragrance.
They paint and sing their perfume

In bouquets of aromas,
With magnolia, jessamine
Wisteria and gardenia.
They mix it with honeysuckle,

Butterfly bushes, and Jasmine
Blessing the earth
With freshness and purity,
Sweetness and peace.

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All lives matter?

Black lives matter—
A stirring mantra
Calling to mind images
Of injustice
And suffering,
Hatred and racism.
Images of dead black kids
Laying in the street,
Prisons at capacity.

A reminder that black lives
Are lives.

All lives matter—
A reaction
Intended to defend
And suffering,
Hatred and racism.
Images of dead black kids
Laying in the street,
Prisons at capacity.

How so?

You say “all lives matter?”
So, you are opposed
To war?
To capital punishment?
To the sacrifice of soldiers?
Carpet bombing?
Drone warfare?

You say “all lives matter?”
Everywhere children
Starve to death.
Their schools and
Neighborhoods are dying.
You must support them,
Then? Care that they
Have food and clothing?
Clean water?
If their lives matter?

You say “all lives matter?”
If that does not include:
Young black kids,
Your enemies,
Children in war zones,
People on welfare,
Prisoners of war,
Starving children…

If it excludes anyone at all
Then you don’t mean it.
Because it isn’t ALL.

If you say “all lives matter?”
But it doesn’t truly mean “all.”
Then what it does mean
Is that your response to
“Black lives matter”
“no they don’t.”

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