Truth and sandcastles

I was once
That man who knew,
Being certain of what is,
How it happened,
And what should be.
I spoke with authority
About things I had
Never studied.
I espoused with certitude
Beliefs which had no basis.
The “other” was enemy,
Being “ignorant,”
Or “wrongly motivated.”
I rationalized his thinking
To make him less scary,
Questioning the motives
Of people I had never known.
The world was simple,
The questions easy,
The answers obvious.
I defended desperately
My sandcastle of certainty—
Built on insecurity—
With handfuls of sand
Flung madly in all directions
Which disappeared into the wind.
My castle was “truth,”
And I its self-appointed champion.
Until one day,
Tired of fighting,
I faced the tide.
A world of questions,
A universe of books,
A great community of minds
Melted my castle away.
And I became free
To grow,
To change,
To seek,
To meet,
To ask,
To argue,
And to think
From a sense of conviction
And faith in the promise:
“He who seeks will find.”
I became free to let the “other”
Be other, and remain myself.
I became free to ride the surf,
Pursuing truth where it took me.
And I found that
that which I had once feared
As a threat
Was, in reality,
A universe of adventure.
And instead of a defender of truth
I am an explorer
Foraying into
The unknown.



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2 responses to “Truth and sandcastles

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  2. Jeff Blake

    This is powerful. So very powerful. I keep wanting to share your poems. Thank you!

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