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Make sense

I am stuck in a world which doesn’t make sense
A world of hurrying and pushing
A world in which I pack myself in a stuffy metal box
And hurtle myself breakneck to the next traffic stop
On the way to places I don’t care about
A world in which the beautiful things such as
I am meant to touch or smell:
Flowering trees and cone-laden pines
Rush by these windows like TVs in fast forward
Shade-tree leaves meant for gentle nap sounds
Laying peacefully in the shady grass listening
To the nuthatches and the titmice play in the cool
Early-Autumn breezy afternoon sunshine
A world in which the creatures such as
I am meant to share places with
Such as I am meant to study and love:
Raccoons, possums, and white tail deer decorate
The side of the road with their lifeless bodies
Victims of the never-ending drive to produce

Every now and then I see a child too close to a lane
And my heart stops…

I try to swallow, but my throat is closed by the
Sorrow of knowing that so many of these days
Have passed by unenjoyed,
Exquisite moments of delicious peace lost forever,
Each traded for dollar bills which, in turn, are turned over
To some greedy bastard who already has more of them
Than most of us will ever see in ten lifetimes
Or to the aggressive regime insisting it provides me
With things like “freedom” and “security” and “peace”
The dollars I buy with the ever-decreasing moments of my life
Are demanded in exchange for things God intended as
Gifts: water and food, warmth and light, learning and truth,
Even healing and wellness
I am kept in their debt such that
They can demand interest on God’s free gift to me

I wonder at what kind of world it would be if I could not die
I imagine the world might make more sense, then
But I can die. And because I can I must try hard not to
And thus, it is a world which does not make sense
A world at once beautiful and frightening, monotonous and abrupt
A world in which I must hurry to hand over the moments
Of my short life to someone who doesn’t need them


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