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I remember

I remember
Stone peaks towering,
Peering down at us in
Stunning silence
Broken only by the
Soft sound of boots
Tramping the packed dirt
Of the trail
And the irregular puffs
As we catch our breath
Hiking up, up, up.

I remember
Trickling streams and
Rushing rivers,
Flowering meadows under
A blue expanse dotted
With bright clouds.
I remember the wind
Stirring the pines
So they danced for us.

I remember
The kind of tired that
Aches in your arms and legs.

And I remember
The moment when
We heard some creature
In the distance and laughed at
What might happen
Because we knew
That, for the moment,
No one was lying to us.
The mountains and the streams,
The trees and the birds,
Do not commit treachery.
They do not fool themselves
That they can do evil to accomplish good.
They do not pretend to serve their maker
While behaving like the devil.
They do not make you guess
What’s really going on.
They do not smile
While they devour you.

I remember
In between the hurting
Thinking that,
No matter what,
Mountain or valley,
I’m glad to be here with her.


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if you only

if you only knew
the hurts behind the faces,
the disappointing chases,
their solitary spaces….

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