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The Christianity of the Comfortable

The faith of those with much
Has no room in its heart
For those who have nothing
It keeps its eyes set far away—
A just-in-case heaven.

The faith of the prosperous
Necessitates the dismissal
Of the injustices of those
Whom their prosperity oppresses
To better enjoy what their brothers and sisters lack.

The church of the healthy
Looks away from the anguish
Of the bodies of the broken.
It sheds an enlightened tear in pity
Then turns to more pleasant things.

The religion of the powerful,
Of the ruling nations and races,
Must assume its dominion
Over the powerless is deserved
By birthright or the sacrifices of war,
Or by self-affirming delusion.

The Christianity of the comfortable
Labors to maintain
Ignorance of the hungry.
It cannot stomach
Their discomfiting presence.
It dare not risk its own hunger.

The church afraid to lose these things
Will gladly believe the lies
Of the pagan king who promises
To preserve its position
And protect its affluence,
Justifying his greed and lust.
They arm themselves in fear.

Deluded by the easy lie
That they may inherit
Their master’s reward
Without living their master’s life,
Without sharing in his suffering,
And without practicing his peace,
They reject the God
Who became flesh and had
No place to lay his head,
The one who came to his own and was rejected,
The one who spoke to the powerful
But touched the leper,
The one who turned away from
The temptation of the power of the nations
To embrace the cross,
They supplant him with a god
Who promises them heaven
And blesses their idols.


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