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I’ve been there
In that darkest place;
Felt that bitter hollow
In my chest
As my life was
Ripped away
So cruelly
And the sound of music
Amplified the emptiness.

I’ve looked down
At hands that shake;
Not comprehending
The wild shriek inside which
Was my soul tearing
Itself apart to open
Them…to let go
Of my own flesh,
My children.

I’ve walked through that
Valley—the Valley of Shadows;
Taken the blame
And wondered how
Someone I had loved
Could hate me
So thoroughly.
I’ve learned to hate
Just to survive it,
Then struggled to stop.

Not knowing how,
Turning to the shepherd
Who has always
Brought me to green places,
Peaceful streams
Of fresh water,
The one who has always
Prepared tables for me,
Right in front of
All my betrayers,
I’ve walked that Valley,
Fearing no evil
Sensing his presence
And trusting his discipline.

And goodness and mercy followed me
To his house.


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