Post-Easter reflections of a lapsed minister

I can easily find ten thousand people who are grateful to Jesus for dying on a cross for them.

Something about not burning in hell forever just feels right.

I’m sure I’d be shocked to find ten who were willing to climb up on it with him.

The way of the cross is considerably less attractional.

And so the sincerest of “the saved” will turn exegetical backflips to justify and dismiss every kind of evil done by powerful people in the name of God.

There is no one they’ll love enough to experience even the slightest discomfort.

“Who am I to judge?”

“There are two sides to every story.”

“What good is being critical? It’s not constructive.”

“We’re supposed to submit to our leaders.”

And, so, evil continues, but not because “good people won’t fight.”

Oh, they’ll fight and kill to keep oil prices down.

People continue to do evil in God’s name because no one will say, “I’d rather lose my job than participate in this. I’d rather leave this church than condone this…”.

“I’d rather die than kill my neighbor…or even my enemy.”

“I’d rather die unjustly with my neighbor than profit from his injustice.”

Social justice is a nice talking point, for some, as long as it’s about little brown kids on a distant island.

When it’s about your neighbor…that’s a different story.

Evil is regrettable…but it pays the bills. And that’s what matters.

Thank God that Jesus died so we wouldn’t burn forever.

If only the Resurrection implied that we can die with him rather than kill our neighbors to save ourselves.

Wait a minute….

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