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Today I saw you,
my own angel,
whose love was the light which
brightened my own darkness,
an enlightenment of
heart and mind, a
bringer of peace

falling again into that place
among the heartless wolves.
You were crying and I
am still powerless to help—


have no rescue to offer;
only the words of a
would-be prophet railing
against the dark and
kicking and screaming
about unfairness–about
ignorant people with power,
whose only concern,
self-preservation, leaves them
without conscience.

And you at their mercy.

In between the nightmares
of my own wolves, I
dream about rescuing you
but I do not have the money,
power, or position.

All I can do is fall with you.
And I am


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The MAGA Christian meets God

The MAGA Christian stood before God, having strode to the throne proudly wearing that red hat…a sense of foreboding growing as he walked by the rows of dirty brown children staring at him, holding the hands of their mothers and fathers.  Something told him it’s a good idea to take off your hat when you meet someone important for the first time.

God said, “And you are?”

The MAGA Christian replied, “Well, I’m a Christian.  I want to come in.”

“Why would you want to come into my Kingdom?” God asked.

“I want to go to heaven.” said the MAGA Christian. “I’ve always gone to a church and I gave at offering time.  I believed in that book and I stood for family values.”

“Did you stand for their families?” asked God, as he pointed to the brown people behind the MAGA Christian.  “You said you believed in my book.  Did you read it?”

“Of course I did.”

“Then why, having read my words, ‘Whatever you have done for the least of these, you have done for me’ did you shout and chant that they should be turned away? Why, when they were running for their lives?  Why, when they were hungry and thirsty and naked and imprisoned did you shout about walls?”

“But God…they didn’t come legally.”

“Define ‘legally.’”

The MAGA Christian replied, “They didn’t obey the law.”

“Which law?” asked God.  “The one which says they could seek asylum at your border?”


“Or, are you referring to your process by which they could apply for a paper from a ruler or magistrate…that is, if they had unlimited time and money to wait and pay off their corrupt governments which were trying to keep them there?  Has it not occurred to you that your own ‘greatness’ contributed to the very corruption they were seeking to escape?”

“But they were illegal!” said the MAGA Christian.

Illegal.” God repeated.  “According to whose laws?  Yours?  You created those laws, not me.  If they are illegal, they are so because that is what you named them, not me.  My children whom I love were running from war and famine.  They were fleeing oppression and all manner of horrors. And you screamed to turn them away because they had a name which you yourself gave them.”

The MAGA Christian’s hat started to burn in his hands.  “But, aren’t all of the laws of the land your laws?”

“You said you read my book?”

“But we were afraid they were bringing terrorists.” said MAGA.

“You were afraid.” said God.  “Afraid of what they were running from.  So you wanted to turn them away.  You stole their children from them and sent them away.  Did I not tell you that following me meant putting away your fear and loving and serving your neighbors?”

“But, these weren’t my neighbors.”

“Why not?”

“Because they were…illegal.

“I see.” said God.  “And this is how you still feel?”

“Well…we were making a nation great again.  We are no one’s servants.”

“And now, you want to enter my Kingdom where the greatest is the servant.”

“Well, it’s better than the alternative.”

“I see,” said God, suddenly speaking with a Hispanic accent.  “So, you’re running from something.  And you are?”

“I’m a Christian.”

“Hmm.  I generally know my people.  But, I’m afraid I don’t recognize you.  Maybe you should have tried coming legally.

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